Staff Training Examples

These videos and accompanying workbook represent most of the induction programme for Coffee #1 – excluding coffee training. They were created in 2010 and were kept in use for many years until the business reached approximately 80 locations.

Part One – Ethos and Context

James discussing the ethos behind Coffee #1 and what matters to the business.

James discussing profit and how hard it is to make money in a coffee shop.

Part Two – Operational Videos – these accompany physical checklists and are intended to make sure that all staff are doing all tasks exactly how they should be done.

Note the levels of detail for each section.

(Also Note: Customer service “Dos and Don’ts” are below these.

1. Table Bussing

2. Toilet Check

3. Toilet Clean

4. Dishwash Section

5. Making a Smoothie

6. Laying out the Merchandising Displays

7. Operating the Grill Zone

8. Condiments area

Part Three – Customer Service videos
These are in two main categories:

1. “Do’s” these represent great examples of customer service.
2. “Don’t’s” which represent exaggerated bad service – these are generally much more useful for training since they are amusing. They represent the same scenario as the “Do” video but done badly.

Whilst watch these videos new inductees are asked to list out everything that was done well and then everything that went wrong. This helps generate discussion and makes the whole process more interactive.

Some further videos, such as “Who is the boss?” at the bottom dealt with other common issues.

Do 1 – Till

Don’t 1 – Till

Do 2 – Till

Don’t 2 – Till

Do 3 – Till

Don’t 3 – Till

Don’t 4 – Till

Who is the boss? This is designed to help explain the importance of the customer over a boss or manager.